KODAK XD1 Smartphone Gimbal

1. Horizontal and Portrait Mode
2. face Tracking
3. Adjustable Arm
4. Manual Zooming
5. Upto 12 hour Runtime


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The KODAK XD1 Smartphone Gimbal is the ideal choice for the modern day photography professional and enthusiast, It helps you add a cinematic touch to your Smartphone videos. Say GOODBYE to Shaky Smartphone videos with the KODAK XD1 Smartphone’s Gimbals and unleash your creativity with Cinematic touch videos, Time-lapse, Face Detection, Motion Direction, and many more features. Apart from shooting videos, You can use the XD1 Gimbal for capturing time-lapse and panorama photos. It also features various modes for a different situation like the default Pan mode, Lock Mode and Pan + Tilt Mode. It even has a KODAK Gimbal app for both Android and IOS which offers you more control while recording videos. There are various shooting modes with the ability to create presets.

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